Time for something new with Revitalise

It is not just our name that is new this season! We have also added a marvellous selection of new themes to 2015 to ensure that our programme stays fresh. We have worked hard to ensure that the breaks introduced this year cater for everybody’s tastes, so whether you fancy a week of arts and crafts, a celebration of all things British, a trip to shopping heaven or an 80s party, there is a new theme to suit you.

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Youth Weeks

Spring, Summer and Autumn Youth Weeks Revitalise Youth Weeks are specially designed for disabled young adults aged 18-40. These weeks are jam packed full of fun with awesome day trips, fancy dress parties, louder music, lots of laughs and plenty of time to socialise with your fellow guests and our ever-energetic staff and volunteer team…. View Article

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Alzheimer’s breaks

Find out more here about our breaks specifically for people with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, and their partners or carers.

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