Our BBC Radio 4 Appeal presented by Arthur Smith

Listen to the Revitalise Appeal on BBC Radio 4

We were delighted to be featured on the BBC Radio 4 Appeal, presented by our Vice President Arthur Smith. 

  • Listen to our appeal online –  simply sign in or register to the BBC iPlayer. Don’t forget, if you wish to donate to the Appeal, you can still do so on this website via the link below.

Arthur tells you more about our BBC Radio 4 Appeal and what it means to him to support our charity. 


You can still donate! Even though the BBC website has stopped accepting donations to our Appeal, you can still donate via this website.

We are very please to announce that we have now reached our nominal target of £10,000 raised by the Appeal. In fact, once everything has been totted up we will be closer to £11,000 to date, with donations still coming in! A huge thank you to all those who donated – and don’t forget, you can still listen and donate to our Appeal! We promise that every penny will make a difference to the lives of the disabled people and carers we serve.

Everybody needs a break

Mavis and Colin’s story

Mavis and Colin kissingMavis and Colin have been together for over 50 years, but a few years after they got married Mavis started to develop multiple sclerosis. Colin left work to become her full-time carer. But disability was never far from their lives. In 2002 Colin was diagnosed with dementia. Their lives had changed forever. Both had been caring for each other with no break until they got funding for a week at one of Revitalise’s holiday centres.

Revitalise got me back to my ‘fun’ side again that had been missing for a while, and has always been a big part of me and my life. I got my ‘mojo’ back!” – Mavis

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The Revitalise Support Fund – supporting people in financial hardship

Revitalise Support Fund logoLike Mavis and Colin, disabled people and carers face many challenges and affordability can be a real issue. We have set up the Revitalise Support Fund to ensure that everyone who needs a break can afford one.

All the funds raised by the BBC Radio 4 Appeal will go towards our hardship fund – The Revitalise Support Fund, to support people like Mavis and Colin.

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About Revitalise

Supporting disabled people and carers

Revitalise has been supporting disabled people and carers for over 50 years, providing a unique mix of nurse-led care and real holiday experiences. We firmly believe that disabled people should not have to lower their expectations, and have a right to expect the same choices and freedoms as those without disabilities.

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