A haven of peace and freedom

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19th July 2016
Picturesque view of Southport Marina at sunset

Summer is the perfect time to get away for a while and that’s exactly what our wonderful guest blogger Shirley has done. Read all about her time with us so far at Sandpipers in sunny Southport, as she enjoys a break and explains why she feels it’s a haven of peace and freedom.

Written by Shirley Salzedo

On Saturday I woke up very happy as today I was going on holiday for a whole week (by kind courtesy of Help Musicians UK) to Sandpipers in Southport. I am on holiday this very moment with my new electric wheelchair, which arrived last week. The other thing that made me very happy was that I am on holiday with my loyal and trusted carer, Maureen. She is also my friend and lovely companion. I have shared my life with Maureen.

Luckily I have good friends who live nearby. My oldest school friend, who now lives in the Lake District, paid me a visit with her husband and Pebbles the dog. We sat outside in the bright sunshine overlooking the beautiful Marina, went on walks with my new chair and Pebbles, organised day trips, shared hearty meals and drinks and relaxed in the fresh sea air and brilliant sunshine.

Everyone here is very nice and friendly. From the refreshing showers to the refreshing food and drink to the tranquil and peaceful and beautiful vistas, Sandpipers, situated right on the beautiful Marina, is a haven of peace and freedom. Just sitting and talking to Maureen and others, talking things over, has made me feel better in myself.

Today was a lovely day at Sandpipers. Maureen and I went to Southport. I only got this new electric wheelchair last week and there was I driving my wheelchair along the pretty Marina to Southport Town Centre! I even manoeuvred myself around M&S. The local people were very nice and friendly and I didn’t even bump into anyone! Then we arrived back in time for a mouth-watering lunch and relaxed taking in the beautiful views of the Marina. A very therapeutic day.

This afternoon (Monday) we were entertained by Dave, a live singer. Not only did Dave have an excellent voice, but he interacted with the audience in a very nice and natural manner. He got everyone singing and dancing. The music made everyone very happy and lifted our spirits. Those unable to express themselves did so through the medium of song and dance. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Then followed a lovely supper. Later we will have Bingo night. The weather has been hot and sunny throughout the week, which is healing in itself – Revitalising in every way.

Stephanie Stone

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