Aaron and Tina’s story

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22nd September 2019

31-year-old Aaron from Stevenage in Hertfordshire has been enjoying holidays at Revitalise Jubilee Lodge in Essex for almost eleven years. 

Aaron has had his disability for almost his entire life. He was born eight weeks premature and suffered a cardiac arrest during an operation to correct birth defects. His mother Tina has been his full-time carer since.

Aaron has never walked and needs some support in his daily routine but has otherwise steadily improved over the years. He spends nearly one week every month with Revitalise, giving both him and Tina their own proper holiday.

“I’ve just cracked on for 30 years”, says Tina.“Just put everything aside to look after him. So no, I don’t think I’m a hero, I’m just a mum with a lot of love to give.”

Tina also says that it is important for the both of them to have a break from each other, and she knows Aaron will be in safe hands.

“I haven’t got any worries whenever he’s there. He needs a break from me and I need a break from him. It doesn’t mean to say that we don’t love each other and miss each other because we do, but a break is good.”

Since finding Revitalise Aaron and Tina have been able to enjoy holidays both together and apart at Jubilee Lodge for almost eleven years. As well as seeing old friends and making new friends each time he comes, Aaron enjoys the excursions on offer at Revitalise, some most recently including canal boating and sailing.

Speaking during his last break, Aaron said: “I can’t wait for sailing. I like the fresh air and steering the boat. I really like going away and seeing all the people. It’s hard for her [Tina]. It’s nice to have a break, and I think that she wants a break as well.”

To find out more information about Revitalise breaks, or to book one yourself, please contact our bookings team on bookings@revitalise.org.uk or 0303 303 0145.

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