Autumn Jewels

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12th October 2016
Golden autumn leaves with sun shining through

As we say goodbye to the summer for another year, it’s time for our wonderful guest blogger Shirley to share her thoughts on the joys that a new season can bring and the beauty of autumn jewels…

Written by Shirley Salzedo.

I love autumn jewels – by that I mean the transformation of the plush, blooming trees that were once kissed by the sun and allowed to bloom in all their beauty suddenly turning to a deep amber hue like jewels on the trees above and the ground below. Collecting unique jewels like conkers and nuts all hidden away like treasure waiting to be discovered beneath piles of crispy leaves.

Wrapping up warm in cosy coats, colourful wraps and knitted works of art. Sipping a comforting hot chocolate while sitting by a fire. Spending time with good friends and making new friendships are priceless, for no one is an island. Watching fireworks as they light up the evening sky, leaving people who come to watch their beautiful display in the chilly night air spellbound by their magic as they ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ in awe. There truly is so much to be enjoyed with the start of a new season.

Autumn also signifies a time of celebration to me as it is the Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement – a time for reflection and forgiveness and to start a fresh. My favourite part of our celebrations has to be in the enjoyment of spending time with family and friends and feasting on delightful food, while giving thanks for life’s simplest pleasures.

I love starting back at work with the start of the autumn term too. All the staff and pupils look refreshed like jewel like butterflies, ready to tackle a new term. With each new term comes the opportunity to turn to a fresh page and acquire new skills and achievements.

Autumn jewels can be found everywhere. So, I hope you are able to share in the company of others, spend your days absorbing the wonders of autumn and all of its beauty, collect a few unique jewels along the way and most of all have a wonderful time.

Happy autumn to you all, I will write again soon!




Stephanie Stone

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