Care For Carers: Meet Tracey & Conor

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13th October 2020
Tracey & Conor

Throughout our Care For Carers campaign we’re going to continue introducing you to the people who inspired us to start the campaign in the first place. Today it’s the turn of Tracey and her son Conor.

Tracey has lovingly cared for her 28-year-old son Conor for all of his life. He was born with Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegia, has learning difficulties and is blind in one eye. Despite overcoming some immense difficulties in his life, Conor is usually a happy young man who loves music and enjoys socialising.

However, like many others, that opportunity to get out and socialise has been taken away from Conor by the Coronavirus lockdown and the restrictive guidelines that are still in place now. Not only has this been incredibly confusing and frustrating for Conor, but his Mum, Tracey, is also at breaking point. We asked her why…

Has your caring role changed during COVID-19?

“I am just physically drained, and money is drained as well, because of the cost of Conor being home all the time and wanting more things.

I am mentally and physically drained from it all. It’s a terrible feeling waking up and being tired.”

How much would being able to take a break mean to you right now?

“Oh God, more than anything. I’m older now and I need a break, and Conor needs a break from me too, he doesn’t want to be wrapped round me. Plus, I’m no good when I’m exhausted.”

Conor Armstrong and his dog Conor and family

How do you think the next few months will be for you?

“At the end of the day it’s hard work for any carer. It’s all fine for the Government to say this and that, but until they’re put in the situation themselves, they can’t really say anything. You don’t know unless you have a disabled child. So I’d like to see them come and live in my shoes for a week.

It’s really frustrating you know?”

What would it mean to you to have access to urgent respite with Revitalise during this time?

“He [Conor] needs it desperately; he doesn’t understand what Coronavirus is. He’s getting very frustrated. He’s asking me why I won’t let him go, and I’m getting the backlash of it all. So it’s hard all round because he’s arguing with me.

People don’t understand what this [lockdown and the Coronavirus Act] has done to carers.”


Through our #CareForCarers campaign we’re continuing to raise awareness for the struggles that carers and their loved ones are facing right now. But until Government restrictions change, there are still thousands of carers out there who desperately need our help accessing and funding a break.

To donate to our Raise A Million appeal and help more people like Tracey & Conor get an urgent respite break, click here.


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