Carers on the front line

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20th March 2015
elderly couple on respite break at revitalise centre

While we’re busy providing our guests with memorable holiday experiences, week in, week out, here at Revitalise Towers we’re also busy doing research into all things care-related.

Right now we’re looking at carers, those unsung heroes who provide care for their loved ones, often with little recognition or reward. Our research was prompted by the emergence of the so-called ‘Sandwich Generation’ and all the recent coverage of this phenomenon in the media. Even though the name sounds rather jolly, it’s no laughing matter. ‘Sandwich Carers’ are people who are caring simultaneously for their own children and parents – hence the label. It’s been estimated that there are around 2.4 million of them in the UK and this number is rising rapidly. Carers have never been under so much stress.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, it is women who are shouldering the lion’s share of this responsibility. Did you know for instance, that 6 out of 10 of all carers are women, and that women are four times more likely than men to be providing 50 hours of care or more per week? Now that’s what I call pressure!

We wanted to investigate this further – especially since this month we celebrated International Women’s Day and Mothers Day – so we launched a couple of surveys. We’re trying to find out if there is a gender bias in caring. We think it would be unfair if people found themselves pressured into a caring role solely on account of their gender. But don’t get us wrong, the last thing we want to do is portray carers as victims. In fact, we know full well that the majority of carers do what they do out of love – and what better motivation than that?

We’re hoping to turn our surveys into a really compelling awareness campaign calling call for more support for our wonderful carers – whatever their gender!

So whether or not you provide care, you can join the debate. If you are a carer, please take part in our Carers Survey. And if you are not a carer but you want to share your views, here is a survey just for you.

Please join us in celebrating our wonderful carers!









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