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25th August 2016
Team Revitalise take on Color Vibe 2016

Last Saturday saw Team Revitalise – including Abbie our Events Manager here at Revitalise HQ – take on Color Vibe in Essex. Here she tells all about what it was like to tie up the laces of her running shoes and have an absolute blast!   

As an Events Manager, I speak to fantastic people every day who take on weird and wonderful challenges to support Revitalise. It was whilst speaking to some of these brave souls that I decided it was only fair I do something myself, so I put down my 100th biscuit of the day and set about signing up for the Color Vibe 5k.

Whilst it may not quite be a marathon, it is a challenge, and for someone like me who exercises on an (at most) annual basis, 5k seemed plenty long enough.

There are several Color Vibe runs across the UK every year and what appealed to me about this particular challenge is that it is completely non-competitive; for us less than athletic types, it can seem a bit daunting to be running alongside seasoned pros and it was also the non-competitive nature of the event that helped me sign up a handful of lovely friends to take part with me, my main sell being ‘if I can do this – you can do this’.

So, the training programme… it mainly involved watching the Olympics, one brief run for the bus, and attempting to eat a banana. As it turns out, I really hate bananas.

But as I kept telling myself, I didn’t have to win, I didn’t even have to be any good, all I had to do was cross the finish line (preferably before nightfall) and I would know that I was making a huge difference to Revitalise. That, for me, was all the motivation I needed.

On the morning of 20th August we headed into the Essex countryside where we greeted by rain – of course, thanks England! – and then promptly covered in powder paint. Looking less than glamorous, and after a quick group warm-up, we took our places on the start line. The terrain wasn’t quite what we had expected, lots of hills, long grass and generally tricky footing. But these were all good excuses for taking my time! The atmosphere, however, was fantastic. There was a real range of people taking part, old and young, all abilities and everyone was so encouraging of one another.

We knew each time we reached a kilometre marker as we were met with yet more powder paint (for future reference: powder paint is not delicious, if someone throws it at you – close your mouth). One final hill and we’d reached the finish, there was music blaring and much needed drinks and snacks on offer whilst we all sat down and tried to wet-wipe the blue and yellow smudges off our faces. Nearly an entire packet of wipes down, and still looking like a sea monster, I decided to give up and head for the pub.

I was embarrassingly achy considering it’s only 5k and that’s what you get for not training, but no matter how many times I nearly fell down the stairs the next day, I am so glad that I did it.

There really isn’t much that compares to the feeling of taking on a challenge and raising funds for a cause you care about at the same time. You don’t have to be an athlete to do something for charity, there are so many events to choose from nowadays that you can do almost anything to raise funds even if you are as horribly unfit as I am.

I have been so touched by the generosity of everyone that sponsored me and absolutely delighted to have beaten our fundraising target. It was a fabulous day and as soon I get the feeling back in my legs I will be signing up again I’m sure!

If like our Abbie, you’d like to be a part of Team Revitalise and participate in one of our many fundraising challenges throughout the year, take a look at our event calendar here.

Stephanie Stone

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