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7th July 2015
Revitalise Jubilee Lodge Awareness and Fundraiser day

Why is having local support for our centres so important to us?

Well, there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, Revitalise gets no money at all from the Government, so we rely on the support of generous individuals, grant-making bodies and philanthropic companies to keep our wonderful operation running.

Secondly, the vast majority of the guests who visit us come from within a two-hour journey of the centre. In other words they are local people, making use of a valued local resource. They need us – and we need them!

That’s why having people who know us, love us and support us within our centres’ local communities is so very important. Among the most loyal and valued of our supporters are the Friends groups. Jubilee Lodge is lucky to have a Friends group still in existence – sadly the Friends of Sandpipers recently disbanded – which has been a constant and invaluable source of support over many years.

This is also why we are trying really hard to start a new Friends Group at Sandpipers and build up the ones at Jubilee Lodge and Netley, but also to boost the local support that already exists for our centres. To kick start this we recently held events at Sandpipers and Jubilee Lodge, to which we invited our loyal friends and also influential people from the local area who could help us in our mission.

The events were joyous affairs, with speeches, thanks and outpourings of goodwill from all sides. If we could only turn love into money, we’d be secure for decades to come! We’re all really hopeful that all the goodwill shown will soon translate into loyal, long-standing support – especially as we are on the cusp of completing the purchase of a fourth centre.

As Mindy Sawhney so aptly put it:

“We hope these events will help us enlist the support of many more people from across the regions, to open doors, raise awareness and ultimately raise funds for us, enabling us to continue to provide life-changing respite holidays for disabled people and carers.”

So I’d like to ask for your support, fans – help us spread the word far and wide about the great work we do; get your family, workmates and communities involved. Above all, be a ‘Revangelist’!

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