Festive Wishes

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21st December 2016

I would like to begin my last blog of the year by firstly extending festive wishes to you all. December, to me, starts with thanking all those who have been kind to me throughout the year – I love greeting people with cards and gifts.


I feel that this time of the year is also a time for reflection, to look back at the year that has passed and to count my blessings. One of the biggest blessings in my life (apart from my friends and loved ones of course) is my music.
In many ways music is my most prevalent passion, as those of you who are familiar with my blogs will already know! I have been fortunate to meet my best friends through my music work and I enjoy a lovely social life, which means everything to me.
At this time of year Christmas songs are everywhere and I have been joining in the fun by playing festive tunes on my piano for the enjoyment of the children at the schools that I work for. Many of the festive celebrations we’ve had are great fun and to see the magic that Christmas brings in a child’s eyes as they hold their candles and perform with such pride really does make the occasion special.
So many of life’s moments are priceless and whether it’s simply enjoying a cuppa with a friend or making time to catch up with each other, it’s these instants in life that although they may pass as quickly as any other, create memories that will last forever. So I hope like me you will spend time with loved ones this Christmas, be they near or far, share meals together and most of all have a great time!
Wishing you all great joy, happiness and festive wishes at Christmas time and always.
Until next year,

Stephanie Stone

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