Fond memories of my father on Father’s Day

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18th June 2017
Black and white image of daughter dancing on fathers feet

Our wonderful guest writer Shirley has reflected on some of her fondest memories of her father, Bertram. Why not take a few moments to accompany Shirley on a trip down memory lane in celebration of Father’s Day.

My father, Bertram Isaac Salzedo was a very good man and a very good father. When I was younger we used to love to dance together and one of my favourite memories was of him teaching me how to waltz. My two brothers and I had a very happy childhood and were brought up on Science Fiction, Detective and Ghost stories. Every day after school we would all sit down as a family and watch the Six O’Clock News on BBC One.

I used to love accompanying my father to pick his garden produce – I even helped him to grow a few plants and used to have great fun helping him to sow the seeds. My father never missed any of the concerts and performances that either I or my two brothers Jonathan and Ric were in.

When he was younger, my father worked his way up the ladder at British Airways – from starting out as a humble office boy, to eventually becoming a Management Accountant to Lord King at BA. He even helped to pioneer Concorde! When I was younger, I used to work for my father as his secretary. We travelled the world with British Airways and I still remember all of those wonderful business holidays so vividly. My father also worked with his own father or Uncle Pop as we affectionately called him, making handmade leather goods.

I always remember at my birthday parties as a child my father would devise some very complex treasure hunts with hand written clues in every room. And he would always make sure that I found my own treasure too. We used to do so much together from flying kites to playing games and learning new languages. As I write, I’m looking at his wooden table that both of us studied our degrees on and I can often see similarities in us both. It’s funny because I can still picture him with his gardening clothes on wheeling his wheelbarrow down the garden with the radio on, which always fell off! His favourite music was Gilbert and Sulivan and Dvorjak’s ‘New World Symphony’.

Sometimes I look at the sky and say to myself: ‘my father is flying his planes in the sky’.

Written by Shirley Salzedo, Bert’s loving daughter x

To all the amazing fathers everywhere, we wish you a very happy Father’s Day!

Stephanie Stone

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