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1st December 2015
Guest and volunteer wearing christmas hats

With the festive season fast approaching and Christmas shopping in full swing, many of us will have been tempted to hit the high street in the hope of bagging a bargain this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sometimes though it’s important to be mindful that it’s not just the presents under the tree that are of value, but those who surround it too.

That’s why we at Revitalise are today celebrating Giving Tuesday – a chance for people everywhere to give a little something back to charitable causes like ours this festive season. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our work, we are a national charity that provides respite holidays for disabled people and their carers which we hope will leave them feeling reinvigorated, restored and rejuvenated – just as our name suggests. We understand that many of you will want to know exactly how your support will make a difference and quite rightly so. Here are just a handful of ways that you can pledge your support to us, all of which will make a huge difference in helping us to ensure that our guests are given the most magical and memorable Christmas experience possible.

Take for instance the invaluable work of our volunteers, who each year pledge the gift of their time and generosity to our charity. Our centres are open all year long, meaning that many of our volunteers will sacrifice spending time with their loved ones during Christmas and the New Year to reside at our centres and provide care and companionship for our guests. In the last year alone we have welcomed 1,477 wonderful volunteers through our doors, all of whom have collectively provided a total of 3,946 weeks of their time. Simply amazing, right? Just like our wonderful volunteers you too could pledge the gift of happiness this festive season, simply by devoting your time to support others. Whether you can pledge a day, a week or perhaps even longer, we truly are grateful for your support. You can discover more about our volunteering opportunities here. We really would love to have you.

If you would prefer your gift to take the form of a donation, here are just a few ways that your money could make a difference. Pledging £10 will cover the cost of a residential volunteer for half a day. £30 can cover the cost of Christmas entertainment and activities for one guest for a week, with £665 covering the cost of nursing and care staff over the Christmas period. No matter how big or small your donation, every penny you give will make a real difference.

With that said, I’d like to end with the words of Sparkey, staff member at Revitalise Sandpipers, who wanted to share his thoughts on the magic of Christmas spent at the centre:

Christmas is a time filled with excitement, anticipation, fun, togetherness and most of all magic. I say magic because it is the best way to describe it really. That feeling of preparing something for someone to make them feel special is really the essence of what we do, providing a special moment, a special break.

This magic isn’t superficial, it’s real – it happens by taking time out and doing whatever we can to provide guests with what they want. Sometimes it’s the little things like being there when they open gifts and cards from their family and friends. This magic happens all the time, not just at Christmas, but that’s when somehow it seems even more magical. Everyone knows that when something is magical it doesn’t feel like work.” 

If you’d like to pledge a donation to us this Giving Tuesday, please click here or call Francesca on 0207 288 6888. Once you’ve given your gift, please tweet us @revitalisenow. Thank you!

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