“I really cherish the quality time we spend together as mother and daughter.” – 12 Stories of Christmas

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20th December 2019
Cath and Helaina

Meet Cath & Helaina Stone

Our eighth story of Christmas is from our Cath & Helaina Stone, an incredible mother-daughter duo who volunteer at Sandpipers.

Helaina was only the 26th person in the world to be diagnosed with the rare genetic condition Costello Syndrome and with such little medical information and help available, Helaina’s mother Cath and her husband Colin set up their own support group in 1995 which developed into the registered charity “Costello Kids” in 2001.

Helaina Stone

After Helaina’s youth worker mentioned Sandpipers to Cath, she became interested and wanted to see what Revitalise as a charity did in helping other disabled people, and went on to volunteer with Helaina at our Southport based centre.

“I loved working and volunteering with Helaina. I really cherish the quality time we spent together as mother and daughter… I’m so glad that there is a charity such as Revitalise that offers people from all walks of life a chance to make a difference to society and themselves. They champion the ideals that I believe in: equality, diversity, opportunity and letting individuals define their own strengths.”

This year, Helaina is doing an internship with a hospital conglomerate, at old Pendlebury. It is historically famous because Florence Nightingale is associated with it. She has a goal to work with babies, children and those in difficult circumstances. The best thing is, according to Cath, that the little children can relate to Helaina because they see her as similar to them in height. 

“I am really proud of Helaina… She has made me fearless as a mother and person and I learn from her every single day…Never give up. That is one lesson that I have learned and truly is important to consider as a tenet in life.”

Find out how you can volunteer at Sandpipers, Jubilee Lodge & Netley Waterside House here

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