If music be the food of love…

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7th April 2016
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Written by Shirley Salzedo.

As Shakespeare once said, ‘if music be the food of love, play on.’ To me music feeds my soul and is the very essence that allows me to express myself without even speaking. When I am upset or frightened, that’s when I seem to play the piano the best as I am able to pour my heart and soul into the music – it’s like I am talking to the piano. Music ignites my senses and when one sense sometimes becomes lost, the other senses somehow become even more powerful. It amazes me how music can be a universal language – whatever our spoken language, we are all able to understand and appreciate music, right around the world. Whatever we are unable to communicate using words, music is somehow able to convey. To me, music is the rhythm of life; it’s what makes me tick and my heart beat.

Without our heart beat there is no life, and without a musical heartbeat there is also no life. As a disabled person, to me music is another form of communication. What makes me so passionate about music I hear you ask? Well, I guess it’s because music touches my senses, evokes emotion and love. As humans we can’t always express emotion, but music can.

If Beethoven were to be alive today, I imagine that he too would have been diagnosed as having a learning disability. Beethoven wrote his piano piece ‘Rage Over a Lost Penny’ all because he was unable to pay his food bill and ended up getting into a rage with the waiter. Although Beethoven’s house was in a mess and he kept being evicted, he was able to play out his life experiences and emotions through his music. That’s what he will forever be remembered for – his contribution to the world of music – that’s all he had and that’s all he gave, for eternity.

I believe that there is always a reason for a person being as they are. We all deserve love and hope right across the world. There is a unique diamond in all of us and furthermore, there is music in everyone. Music can be our rhythm of life, for mankind, and nature eternally, as eternal life can be found through music and the arts.

Stephanie Stone

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