It’s Silver Sunday!

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6th October 2019

Let’s change the story around loneliness in the UK this Silver Sunday

This Sunday marks a special day in our calendars that has been designed to recognise and celebrate the contribution of older generations in making a real difference to their local communities; Silver Sunday. For those of you that may not be familiar with the occasion, Silver Sunday is an annual event created to make older people feel valued, to give them new opportunities, and to make new friends by connecting with the communities and people around them.

One of the main reasons for its creation was because of the number of older people that experience loneliness, and by drawing attention to this issue we have an opportunity to talk about how Revitalise can help combat social isolation. 

Throughout someone’s working life they will be able to appreciate the importance of having a routine and feeling valued for the contributions they make to our society. But once they reach retirement, their chances of being cut off from society increase and they may feel that they are no longer playing an active part in their communities.

This is where Revitalise comes in!

Our volunteer opportunities offer that inclusion back into society, where new friendships can be made, where opportunities are endless, and where people really are valued. And our older volunteers offer Revitalise something priceless – their experience. Their years of life experience and perspective are a magic ingredient; they share their ideas, insights and knowledge of life with our guests, they help to guide and support some of our younger volunteers, and in the end, everyone ends up better off for being together.

That’s why we are proud to run one of the largest residential volunteering programmes of any UK charity, and we welcome thousands of volunteers of all ages every year.  

A recent volunteer shared some comments from their experience and said:

“Many bonds were created between volunteers and guests, chatting about their days, doing activities and going on trips together. I believe that the volunteers are vital and I had an amazing time as a volunteer and would definitely want to do it again, because not only did I enjoy myself, meeting fantastic guests, staff and fellow volunteers, but I could see how much it made the guests happy. I am proud to be a volunteer and enhance the guests’ time at Revitalise (Jubilee Lodge).”

I’d like to end by saying a huge thank you to each and every one of the wonderful volunteers of all ages who spend time with us every year to make a difference to the lives of the people that we support. And if you would like to join them, we’d love to have you!

Simply visit the Volunteer section of our website or call our friendly Volunteer Team on: 0303 303 0163

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