“I’ve never been to a holiday place like Revitalise – I didn’t want to leave.” – 12 stories of Christmas

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16th December 2019
Tracy and Sparkey

Meet Tracy Austin

Our fourth story of Christmas is from Revitalise guest Tracy, who is spending Christmas this year at Sandpipers for the first time.

When Tracy was 27 years old, she noticed that she was beginning to lose sensation and movement in both the left and right side of her body, although doctors were unable to diagnose what was causing the loss of feeling. Tracy was finally diagnosed five and a half years later at 32 with hemiplegic migraines.

Tracy Austin

“When my illness got a lot worse, I was in and out of hospital a lot and couldn’t go on holiday. I’ve now been using a wheelchair for the last two years. I wish I knew about Revitalise sooner. It was my sister who told me about Revitalise because she’s a carer and looked after someone who goes on Revitalise breaks.”

“At Revitalise I can go out and do things. I love going out on excursions and have even visited the Emmerdale studios while on holiday.”

Doctors have recommended that Tracy exercises, and swimming really helps her muscles and arthritis. Revitalise Sandpipers has a hydrotherapy pool, so this gives Tracy the chance to enjoy swimming whilst on holiday. 

“The main thing that I come away with from my breaks at Revitalise is confidence. I don’t feel afraid or scared that I am disabled – instead I’m made to feel that I can achieve things. People accept me for who I am at Revitalise. It’s like one big family.

Tracy Austin

The staff are just amazing. I can open up to them about any worries or concerns that I have, and they just sit and listen. I remember the first person I opened up to during my first holiday, Jo, the activities coordinator. She just sat and listened, I will never forget that. It was karaoke night and I felt too scared to sing. Jo asked me if I would like to sing but I didn’t say anything. She came back and asked if I’d like to sing together which we did. She was brilliant and made me feel so welcome; there was no pressure.

I have made a few friends at Revitalise that I keep in touch with on a daily basis over Facebook. I like it because I can open up about things and we share a lot in common.”

Tracy enjoys breaks at Sandpipers in Southport. Click here to find out more about Sandpipers, and our other holiday centres.

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