Jubilee Lodge turns into a Laser Tag battle ground

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30th April 2015
disabled guests and carers on accessible laser Tag excursion

Spring Youth Week reached for the stars earlier this month, much to the delight of our guests, when they had the chance to experience the heady heights of accessible flying lessons and an action-packed afternoon of Laser Tag!

With the sun shining and the faint sound of Spandau Ballet’s’…You are gold!’ being audible through the leafy suburbs  surrounding Jubilee Lodge – our centre nestled in the heart of Essex, I immediately knew I was in for a treat!

On approach I saw the centre’s car park had been transformed into a Laser Tag battle ground complete with camouflaged inflatable barricades, where guests were armed with high-tech laser guns and laser sensor headbands.

The thrilling activity required guests to weave their way around a concourse while trying to register hits on their opponents. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the activity, Laser Tag is very similar in nature to Paintballing, but instead uses infra-red technology to crown players victorious, in contrast to an actual projectile. It was fantastic to see so many of our guests fully immersed in their new role as their favourite action hero, albeit only for the afternoon.

One particular guest, Chris Babet was left tangibly impressed by the experiences he encountered during the week when he commented:

“It was a really fun day and it was great that everyone joined in with the activity. I’ve really enjoyed all the trips this week and I’d definitely take part in Laser Tag again. At Revitalise I am able to do things that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do otherwise and I always look forward to coming back to see my friends. I’ve had an amazing week!”

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