Let’s define respite. What is respite care and is it for me?

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24th February 2021
Grace enjoying karaoke at Sandpipers

We often get asked, “what is respite care?” because there are lots of preconceptions and often negative connotations that come with the word ‘respite’. For example, some people assume it’s only for older people, or that it’s really expensive, while others think it simply sounds boring. Well, we can assure you that, at Revitalise, respite is none of those things.

To clear up any confusion, we decided we would dedicate a blog to helping define respite. So, without further ado, read on for our myth busting guide to respite care breaks at Revitalise


How we define respite at Revitalise

Put simply, a respite break with Revitalise is all about getting away from the everyday for a much-needed break.

In fact, the dictionary define respite as this: ‘a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.’

With our team of nurses and top chefs, we’ll look after all of your care needs and make sure you’ve enjoyed delicious food and feel at home, so you can just relax and let your worries fade.

Let us define respite at Revitalise Sandpipers

Who can come on a respite break?

We welcome disabled people and carers from all walks of life on respite breaks here at Revitalise.

Sometimes carers and their loved ones come together, sometimes it’s just the disabled person. At Sandpipers we’ve had a real mix of guests over the last year, which is exactly how we like it!

Do I have to be depressed or in danger to qualify for a respite break?

No, not at all. What we’d much prefer is that you came to Revitalise before it got to that point!

If you are feeling lonely or anxious, perhaps because of coronavirus, or for any other reason, then get in touch with us before things get too bad. We can support you in a welcoming and safe environment, so that you go home with less on your mind.

Alternatively, we know a lot of people have struggled with care support during the pandemic. If your usual care has been reduced, or you’re unable to access day centres and GP’s as you normally would, don’t put yourself in danger or muddle through silently, get in touch with us.

Whatever it is that’s making your life hard, please talk to us about it and our lovely bookings team will do their very best to help you.

Is a respite break expensive? How will I afford it?

Our respite breaks cost no more than what it costs us to provide you with full care support, accommodation, and full-board meals. We understand that for some those costs will still be out of reach, and that’s why we have plenty of funding to support our guests who need it.

Thanks to organisations like The National Lottery, Barclays Bank and Garfield Weston, we’ve helped hundreds of disabled people and carers get the respite break they needed with us in 2020. We offer partial or full funding, so you can apply for as little or as much as you need.

Pool at Sandpipers

What will I be able to do on a respite break?

During your respite break you’ll be free to explore our Sandpipers centre with all of the other guests.

We have spectacular views of the Marine Lake from the communal lounge and dining area, and the gardens lead right down to the water. To make sure you’re making the most of your time away, our Guest Relations Manager, Sparkey, offers twice daily activities such as karaoke, crafting, exercise classes, quizzes and more. Plus, we have an accessible, indoor hydrotherapy pool, which also has amazing views. Most importantly, with a group of likeminded people around you, there’s always plenty of laughter, fun and friendly support.

Can I leave the centre during my respite care break?

Yes, you can head out of the centre for some fresh air or a change of scenery. Why not enjoy a trip around the lake in the sunshine, or pop into town to get a takeaway coffee and a cake?


We hope this blog has helped define respite a little better, or at least the Revitalise version of respite! If you or anyone you know could benefit from taking a break like this, please do get in touch with our bookings team on 0303 303 0145 or at bookings@revitalise.org.uk.



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