Life After Lockdown: Why A Holiday Now Is So Essential

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17th July 2020
Leon, Life After Lockdown

Sharing Stories

Lockdown has been especially challenging for those having to shield, and for many loneliness and feelings of isolation have increased. Our wonderful guests, Grace and Leon, who have been staying safe at Revitalise, have kindly shared their stories.

You can hear how Covid-19 changed their lives, and the impact your support has made, in the video below.

Life After Lockdown

As lockdown begins to ease, life-changing holidays are going to become even more necessary. 71% of people we asked said that after lockdown they would need a holiday more than ever before, and 57% of people told us their carer has struggled and is in need of a break*. Revitalise holidays are a chance for people to reconnect with those that they love, to forge new friendships, and to relax and step away from the worries of everyday life.

These worries have intensified for many people during lockdown. The removal of important social interactions, along with the very real fear of catching COVID-19 and seeing its impact on loved ones, has made the situation at home more difficult for a lot of people.

Happily, our centres have been newly refurbished this year, meaning that whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has limited the usual holiday experience that Revitalise offers (such as day trips, live entertainment and parties) guests can still enjoy the centre themselves and all the facilities they offer, at their very best. We are also providing other suitable activities to promote wellbeing, while respecting social distancing and safety remains our top priority.

If you would like to help disabled people and carers get the vital break they need, you can donate here or sign up to one of our fun and rewarding virtual challenges by clicking here.

*Taken from Revitalise COVID-19 Survey Results (June 2020)

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