Local community show support for Sandpipers

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8th July 2015
mayors, Mindy Sawhney, Darren Holloran and Chris Simmonds at Revitalise reception

Our recent Community Chest’ blog post lifted the lid on the value of community support for our charity, revealing our plans to rekindle and build upon this connection in future years to create a real and long-lasting treasure.

On Thursday 25 June Sandpipers threw open its doors to begin this exciting chapter, inviting members of the local community to enjoy a special reception, as it launched its  initiative to enlist greater community support from within the local area.

The occasion was a chance for Sandpipers to demonstrate the value of its work in providing respite holidays for disabled people and carers from across the region and beyond, while encouraging the hoped-for creation of a ‘Friends of Sandpipers’ group.

Among those in attendance were Southport MP John Pugh, long-standing Sandpipers supporter Brenda Porter and the Mayor and Mayoress of Sefton to name but a few!

The invited guests were also joined by our Chairman Mindy Sawhney, Trustee Hugh Kemsley OBE and Chief Executive Chris Simmonds, not forgetting the abundance of Sandpipers staff, volunteers and of course our guests, all of whom added to the wonderfully celebratory atmosphere.

The occasion was an opportunity to give thanks to members of the local community who were instrumental in the foundation of Sandpipers some 27 years ago, while allowing those present to share in our future plans and gain a greater understanding of the part they could play in the centre’s future.

It is these supporters, both old and new, who will be an invaluable asset to our charity, – increasing awareness of our work and helping to raise funds for the centre in years to come.

Mindy Sawhney perfectly encapsulated the essence of the evening, commenting:

“We are delighted to have been able to welcome so many people from the community to share an evening at Sandpipers. This event was all about the future of Sandpipers and our need to put the centre once again at the heart of the community from which it was created 27 years ago.”

What a wonderful evening we had! We’re incredibly excited for the future of our ‘Friends of Sandpipers’ group, whose support will enable us to continue providing the respite holidays that so many of our guests know and love. Here’s to the future!

You can get involved too – if you are a local individual, group or community and you’d like to pledge your support to Sandpipers in this way then we urge you to come forward!

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