Lockdown 2: Our top 5 tips for how to get through it

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6th November 2020
Lockdown top tips

It’s the situation none of us wanted to find ourselves in, we’re back in lockdown. Though we all know it’s the right thing to do, to protect our NHS and save lives, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, we know for many of you, the prospect of a second full lockdown will be really very worrying.

So, to help you (and ourselves!) get through the next four weeks, we’ve come up with five top tips for beating the lockdown blues…


1. Keep Active

It’s been proven time and time again that exercise is good for the mind, getting yourself moving triggers an endorphin rush to the brain that is almost guaranteed to make you feel happier. We’re not suggesting you run a marathon around your living room (although, you could!), but simply doing some stretching in the garden or heading outside for some fresh air will do wonders. There are some amazing free exercise videos which cater for disabled people, and of course the brilliant Joe Wicks is back with his lockdown workouts too.

Woman doing yoga

2. Bake

Back in March the country went mad for baking, and flour and yeast flew off the supermarket shelves. This time round we’re hoping the extra time inside means we can bake some winter favourites, like this make and mature Christmas cake which we’d never normally be organised enough for. Although, if you’re prone to burning even a simple brownie, why not just catch up on this year’s Great British Bake Off instead –we’d recommend buying in some sweet treats to watch it with!

Baking a cake

3. Stay Social

We might not be able to see friends and family in person at the moment, but one good thing about 2020 is the technology that means we can still see and speak to them virtually. Make sure you schedule plenty of phone calls or Zoom catch ups; it might seem daunting at first, but you’ll soon get used to the comfort of seeing little friendly faces on a screen. Alternatively, if you can’t face going back to Zoom quiz nights, what about a game of virtual Scrabble with a friend?

Video calling

4. Grow A Moustache

This one is for all the men out there. Make the most of not leaving your house and (not having to see anybody!) and spend your November growing a moustache in aid of Movember. Though you might not look your best, your artfully crafted moustache is sure to make you laugh every time you look in the mirror and, more importantly, it’s all for a fantastic cause – helping remove the stigma around men’s mental health.


5. Get Creative

Whether it’s reading, writing, playing music, painting or dancing; spend lockdown celebrating your creativity. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill, or maybe there’s an old passion you’ve let slip – now is the time to focus on it. The arts industry has really suffered over the course of the pandemic, but we’re sure it will bounce back bigger and better than ever, and with lockdown practice under your belt, perhaps you’ll be the next big star?! If you’re not sure where to start, why not give our Revitalise500 writing competition a go?

Lady dancing


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