Do you have a lot of love to give this Christmas?

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15th November 2019
Tina and Aaron

Our fundraising newsletters and appeals share the unique and personal stories of our wonderful guests.

This Christmas, we are delighted to share Tina and Aaron’s story:

Tina has cared for her son, Aaron since birth. Caring is simply something she does for the person she loves. As she explains:

“Carers are often called heroes. I don’t see myself as a hero – I’m just a mum with a lot of love to give.”

However you choose to celebrate, the joy of spending Christmas with loved ones is what makes this time so special. But for many disabled people and carers, spending precious, quality time together, away from a ‘carer’ or ‘cared for’ role is a distant hope.

Life together for Tina and Aaron did not start smoothly. Baby Aaron was born eight weeks prematurely and he experienced a cardiac arrest during an emergency operation. His heart was restarted, and he was placed in an induced coma followed by a period in intensive care.

“It was life-changing. Aaron’s recovery was slow and thankfully he got better, but he has never walked. Now every day is a different day and I cope with it. I’ve cracked on for the past 30 years and put everything aside to look after him.”

The guilt felt leaving your loved one in the care of someone else can prevent disabled people and carers like Tina and Aaron from having a break or some time away. Revitalise exists to provide this crucial support, at Christmas time and all year round.

On their Revitalise break, Aaron can be the independent, sociable young man he is and Tina has some rare time to herself, worry and guilt-free. As Aaron explains:

“I like going away and seeing all the people. It’s hard for my mum, I think she wants a break as well. I meet all kinds of people when I’m at Revitalise. They enjoy my company and I enjoy their company.”

The break has eased the pressure of giving and receiving care, so that at Christmas, Tina and Aaron can simply enjoy time together as ‘mother and son’.

This festive season, we ask you, our friends and supporters to think about spending precious, quality time with loved ones and how different our lives could be without a break.

Please, will you help us give love a helping hand this Christmas?

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