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12th October 2017

Our volunteers bring so much to our charity and for everything they give we aim to ensure that they gain just as much in return. When we welcomed a team of corporate volunteers from Unum recently, we asked team member Paige to share a little more about her time with us. Here she tells all about her time spent at Netley Waterside House, our centre situated on the serene South Coast…

 Written by Paige Cameron, Unum.

 When you first offered to spend time at Netley Waterside House, what were you hoping to gain from the experience?

 My experience at Revitalise was a warm and friendly affair. Before I first volunteered to spend time at Netley Waterside House I had hoped to gain a better understanding of the charity and the services it offers to the community, as well as gaining better communication and team building skills with my colleagues.

 In what ways did you contribute your time whilst at the centre?

As we were shown around the building, we were able to gain an appreciation for the services Revitalise provides and how fundamental it is to the public. We were a rather large group and so we were split in two – one gardening and one painting.

Revitalise Netley Waterside House has a vast amount of grounds. The gardening team spent time cutting back the hedges that run along the outside of the garden and the public pathway. This served two purposes, one to make sure that the path was accessible for the general public and two, so that the guests were able to sit in the garden and still see the beautiful water views without obstruction. The difference the team made was greatly appreciated by both the staff and passers-by.

The other half of our team finished painting the summer house to make it fresh and clean for guests and their friends to gather in and to enjoy spending time in the garden during their stay.

How would you describe what it’s like to make such a valuable difference to the community?

I believe it is very important both as a company and as an individual to volunteer and give your time to charitable organisations. It’s very easy to get caught up in your every day life and office work and forget that there are people outside of those walls who could benefit from your time and help.

It was lovely to talk to some members of the public walking their dogs along the sea front and to hear from them how fantastic Revitalise is. This really had an impact on me because it wasn’t a staff member or even a guest; it was a completely unbiased member of the community. In helping the community, in a sense we are also helping ourselves because none of us ever knows what the future holds, or when or if we will ever need services like those that Revitalise provides.

How would you summarise your volunteering experience at Netley Waterside House?

The most memorable part of the day for me was being able to have a chat with members of the general public whilst gardening and seeing how grateful they were to us for giving up our time.

Having spent time at Netley Waterside House I feel like I’ve really gained an understanding of what the charity does and increased my knowledge that there are establishments that offer respite holidays for disabled people and carers like Revitalise out there.

As a team we were made to feel very welcome. To anybody who is thinking of spending their time as a volunteer with Revitalise I would definitely encourage you to go out there and give some of your time as a small gesture can make a world of difference. It is definitely something that we will be doing again in the near future, I hope.

 Corporate volunteering can be a great way to engage with the local community, build a greater rapport with colleagues and make a real difference to local causes. Interested to find out more about group volunteering opportunities with our charity? Click here.   



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