Meet the team: Belinda

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21st August 2020
Belinda, Revitalise Team

There are many faces behind Team Revitalise, all of us working away to make sure we can keep offering amazing holidays for disabled people and carers. Some of us work in the centres, on the frontline helping to make your holidays so special; some of us work in head office, making sure we spread the word about how great Revitalise is; and some of us work in the charity shops, taking donations and making money to keep our centres going.

One such Revitalise team member is Belinda (Bill to most!), who is Senior Manager at our Lee-on-Solent charity shop. We spoke to Bill last week about what a day in her working life is like, here’s what she told us…

What do you like about working for Revitalise?

  • I’ve been with Revitalise for 7 years this November. I love the location (on Lee seafront), the staff, the challenge of making something look good out of odd stock. It’s an interesting job … we never know what we’re going to find! I really do love my job. 7 years on and I think I will probably still be here in another 7 years!

What does a typical day look like for you?

  • A typical day here would be cleaning the shop, preparing our stock for the day which is normally put out on a rail the night before, so we’ll steam it, tag it, size it – I love rummaging, going through the stock to see what we can find. Then we pop it all out, open the doors and let them [customers] all in! We have a lovely loyal following of customers. We’ve also got a great team, about 13 volunteers, all different ages.

How has Coronavirus impacted your work?

  • When we closed for Covid-19, I’ve never been so bored. I couldn’t wait to come back! We re­opened in June, and I was a little worried, but to be honest, not much has changed. Shoppers are not staying away! They queue to come in, they use sanitiser, we’ve had no problems so far.

Why do you think people should shop at charity shops?

  • I think charity shops are for everyone, not just for those who can’t afford to go to the high street. You can find something different. You always find a bargain, and you know your neighbour won’t be wearing it! It’s more than hardship that brings you to a charity shop.

What’s your idea of a perfect holiday?

  • My idea of a perfect holiday would be sunbathing, eating nice food, laying by a pool and a little bit of sightseeing. And of course, find a charity shop or two, which I usually manage to do!


If Bill has inspired you to visit one of our charity shops (whether to shop or donate) you can find out where they are located here!

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