Memories of my mother

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26th March 2017
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As today is Mother’s Day, our brilliant guest blogger Shirley has written a wonderfully sentimental piece about her mother Ellen. So why not grab a cuppa, put your feet up and get to know her a little better?

 My mother, Ellen Hollaender married my father very close to Christmas time. She was very pretty with Auburn hair, rosy cheeks, freckles and bright blue eyes that glistened like Sapphires. We used to giggle together, wherever and whenever. And, it was my mum who ignited my love of music.

She was so kind and compassionate and dedicated her life to being a Nursery Teacher for disadvantaged children. I too was home schooled by my mum along with my two brothers in the Nursery School. I’ve gone on to be a teacher myself and base many of my teaching methods on those I remember my mother using when I was a child. She taught me so many fascinating facts from across a whole range of topics, from music to the arts and even how to swim. She was always taking me to concerts, the theatre, museums and we enjoyed so many lovely holidays together.

She was the one who encouraged my father to make our garden into a beautiful paradise, full of flowers, vegetables and fruit which she would gather together and then cook with the produce. When I was younger my mother used to be a Bridge player – she would often host Bridge parties at our house with my dad. I was always with my mother and my grandmother Martha.

Every year on Christmas day Martha would join us all and we would enjoy a wonderful family day together, often with us all gathering around our Steinway piano. My mother was so very loving and was always so caring with everything that she did.

My mum sadly left us the day before my 16th birthday, but her love will always live in my heart each and every day. My wonderful mother always shared her love wherever she went and now she lives with my dad once again together in heaven.

 Written by Shirley Salzedo.

And to all the amazing mums everywhere, we wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

Stephanie Stone

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