If MUSIC be the food of love…

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29th June 2021

…Play on!

As our Topic of the Month this June is music, we thought it might be a nice time to take a trip down memory lane and relive some of the wonderful musical moments that we’ve had at our Revitalise centres over the years.  We also want to open the floor to our guests to suggest the bands, musicians and artists they would like to see rocking the Revitalise stage once restrictions allow. Feel free to be as imaginative as possible in the comments, but please don’t be offended if your request for Bon Jovi’s next tour to include an impromptu performance at Sandpipers doesn’t pan out the way you hoped!


Way back in 2012, Revitalise guests and volunteers created a video tribute to rock legend Freddie Mercury, which become an internet sensation just days after its release. The video, commemorating the anniversary of Mercury’s death and celebrating people with disabilities, clocked up nearly 6,000 views on YouTube within a few days.
The uplifting video was recorded at Sandpipers, Revitalise’s respite centre in Southport, and features the disabled guests, volunteers and staff at the centre singing and dancing along to the Queen anthem Bohemian Rhapsody.

The film was quickly championed by Queen’s official website, where it has been liked over 5,700 times, shared over 700 times and gathered enthusiastic comments from Queen fans the world over. News about the video tribute was also tweeted by Brian May’s official Twitter feed. Check it out below.


Who can forget when pop icon and TV star Rowetta Satchell entertained the guests at Sandpipers as part of the centre’s ‘Ultimate 90’s week’ in 2016. During her 45-minute set in front of an ecstatic audience, Rowetta performed iconic pop songs including ‘You’ve got the love’ and ‘Fix you’. She also made time to record a special message for the charity’s Facebook page, sign autographs, chat to the guests and pose for selfies.
Later Rowetta tweeted:

“Loved singing for everyone at Revitalise. Incredible place for disabled people & carers. Beautiful night.”

Rowetta is best known for her association with the Happy Mondays in the 90s, for whom she sang backing vocals, and is a successful singer in her own right. She made an unforgettable appearance on the debut series of the X-Factor in 2004, finishing fourth overall.

Davina and Daniel

We are lucky enough to have some very talented musical guests come to stay. One guest, Lee, always brings a guitar with him so he can put it on his lap and play along with the evening’s entertainment. One afternoon, a regular act called Davina asked Daniel if he could play along with her opening number and wow, did they put on a show! At the end of her set, Davina asked the crowd to give Daniel a round of applause and he said that it really made his night.

Gary’s Disco

No reminiscing would be complete without mentioning Gary’s disco on New Years Eve 2019! Gary has such a great relationship with our guests and it really showed on that night. At one point, he got all the volunteers up on their feet and had everyone dancing with guests. At the end of the night he made a beautiful speech and expressed his happiness spending his time at Jubilee Lodge and he is never in a rush to get out of the building when the party is over! We look forward to welcoming Gary back soon.

Please share with us in the comments any memories you have of your favourite time at one of our centres, we love hearing your stories and can’t wait to get back to what we do best!

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