My idea of heaven

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22nd July 2016
Liverpool Waterfront by night

Summer is the perfect time to get away for a while and that’s exactly what our wonderful guest blogger Shirley has done. Read all about her time with us so far at Sandpipers in sunny Southport, as she enjoys a break and explains why she feels it’s a haven of peace and freedom.

Written by Shirley Salzedo

Tuesday, and we’re having a heatwave here at Sandpipers. Today we went to a garden centre in Cheshire. I went with my trusted and faithful carer, Maureen. I really enjoyed chatting to the volunteers, who were all very nice and friendly. There was a lovely shop and cafe. We got home in time for tea and I had a slap-up fish supper. Now there is an evening of entertainment. One of the guests has a lovely singing voice and we plan on making a duo – with him singing and me playing the piano. All in all we had a revitalising day.

Liverpool waterside

On Wednesday we had a trip to Liverpool. I have never ever been to Liverpool before, so was very excited about this excursion. The weather was very pleasant as was the journey. There I was in my new electric wheelchair driving myself through the Liverpool shops and Docks! Liverpool is a very beautiful city and the local people were all very nice and friendly. I am falling in love with the North of England through Revitalise.

My favourite bit was sitting by the Liverpool Docks with Maureen and a lovely volunteer. Just being beside the water among boats and architecture gave me once again a feeling of peace and tranquillity. On our return we enjoyed a BBQ supper. Now we are looking forward to an evening of live entertainment. But what I really enjoy is sitting outside on the patio, overlooking the Marina. Just being still, whatever the time of day and night, looking at the Marina with its changes of scenery is my idea of heaven.

Sandpipers marina

Thursday. Maureen and I have spent the day sitting outside on the patio overlooking the pretty Marina, watching the boats and swans sail by. What I would like to express today is the excellent care from all of the staff, kitchen and volunteers. They attend to all of our needs in such a kind and caring way and nothing is too much trouble for them. There is always someone to talk to. No-one is ever left unattended. These volunteers one day will make excellent doctors, etc. They all show kindness and compassion to the guests.

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