My new found friends

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12th November 2015
Shirley Salzedo Revitalise guest blogger

As some of you may already know, back in the summer, we held a competition among our guests in the hope of finding a unique blogger to add to our team. Lots of you got in touch to send us your entries and after much deliberation, we are delighted to introduce you to Shirley, our chosen winner. In her very first post, Shirley welcomes you all into her life, sharing a little more about her many passions and what inspired her to want to write for our blog.

Welcome to the team Shirley, it is a pleasure to have you. 


Hello everyone!

I would like to describe you all as my new found friends and welcome you into my life. First of all, please allow me to introduce myself – my name is Shirley Deborah Elizabeth Salzedo.

Why the long name? Well, apparently when I was born my mother, father and two older brothers couldn’t decide on my name. My late father wanted to call me Shirley which means ‘green meadows’ as he was a wonderful gardener, although my late mother wanted to call me Deborah. Then there was my brother Jonathan who wanted to call me Elizabeth as he once had a friend who wrote beautiful stories and he wanted me one day to do the same. Who knew that his prophecy would eventually come true, as I am now delighted to be a Revitalise guest blogger. My friends at school nicknamed me ‘Shirgles’ as I was always giggling and that trait remains so!

I would like to welcome you all, my new found friends, to my family – here’s a little more about me. I have many passions in life, the most prominent being my love of music. I have always loved music and as a child I wanted to play the piano like my brother Jonathan. I am now a qualified Music and Piano teacher/Accompanist and have even written a book, which is all about my life in music.  In spite of my disabilities I have refused to give up on my music, work and life and I enjoy entertaining, going to the theatre, cinema and concerts including The Royal Opera House, as well as enjoying holidays with my carer at Revitalise.

What I would like to convey to you all, is that in spite of disability the world is your oyster and that you can all aim to achieve your dreams in life. It is my pleasure to share my journey of life with you all, while being a voice for both disability and ability – exploring the many possibilities of both.

That’s all for now my friends, I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you all again very soon…

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