Nan Scott – a tribute

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25th March 2015
Nan Scott at Sandpipers

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce some very sad news. Nan Scott, a lifelong friend and tireless supporter of Revitalise, passed away earlier this month, aged 95.

For those of you who have been with us any length of time, you will know that Nan has been a constant in our history since way back in 1975, when we only had two centres – both in the South East  – and we were called the Winged Fellowship Trust.

Nan was instrumental in the birth of Sandpipers and was a founder member of the centre’s Friends group. Not only did Nan help source and acquire the land, but she and her late husband are also credited with coming up with the name!

Nan told us the story of her role in founding Sandpipers when we were putting together our 50th Anniversary commemorative book in 2013.  She said:

“In 1975 I began work for the Winged Fellowship Trust. I started to investigate the possibility of disabled people getting a relaxing holiday in the North of England, which people in the Winged Fellowship centres in the South could get.

My husband Joe and I spent a week touring from Windermere to North Wales and decided Southport would be an excellent place. We found out that the land at the Northern end of the Marine Lake might be available so WFT pursued the matter, bought the land at a reasonable price and it all worked out well.

In 1998, around the time we invited Prince Charles to celebrate the topping out of the building, Joe said we should ask for suggestions for names for the centre. He mentioned that sandpipers had been seen nearby and that was his suggestion. Nobody wanted to try to better that name!”

Nan’s last visit to Sandpipers was to help the centre celebrate Revitalise’s 50th birthday in 2013. Revitalise was very privileged to have been invited to say a few words in tribute to this great lady at her funeral.

It’s the very least we can do, Nan. Rest in peace.

Nan Scott: 1920 – 2015

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