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25th February 2016
Revitalise guest with lizard as part of holiday experience

As part of the holiday experience we offer, many of our guests have had the opportunity to enjoy an animal encounter while taking a break with our charity. Not only can animals be great fun but they are also known to have therapeutic qualities. In her latest blog, it’s the turn of our wonderful guest blogger Shirley to tell you about her love for our furry friends and the many ways that they’ve helped to enrich her life.

Dear friends,

In my previous blogs ‘my new found friends’ and ‘a touch of magic’ I have written much about my passion for music and the arts. Today it is my pleasure to tell you about one of the other loves in my life – my love for animals. As I write to you I am looking at my calendar showing pictures of Labrador puppies that I was given after supporting Guide Dogs for the Blind. One day these dogs will become working animals, assisting disabled people in their everyday lives.

I hold such fond memories of my pets, as I’m sure many of you do too. As a child we had a black Scottie dog called Tessa and a pretty rescue cat called Lucky. I used to spend endless hours playing with them both in our garden as well as taking Tessa for a walk through the park. In some parks she would even decide to take a dip and swim with the ducks, as she did with my brother’s boats in the Lakes too!

In many ways my pets were my loyal and loving companions. Every morning I would get up early to feed Tessa and Lucky. No matter what the time, they always got out of their baskets happy to greet me for another day. Whenever I played the piano Tessa would lie at my feet and Lucky would lie nearby and seem to listen.

I started to lose my ability to walk in my early teen years. My mother made the decision to buy Tessa for me to aid my mobility and this helped as for some time I was able to take my lovely companion for daily walks. Both my animals were there for me in both happy and sad times in my life and in many ways the time we spent together and the memories we made are irreplaceable. All of my loving animals will always live in my heart.

Stephanie Stone

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