Paralympic Power!

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24th July 2015
David Smith with Paralympic medals outside Jubilee Lodge

For me, the London 2012 Paralympic Games brought with them a renewed sense of hope – for the first time in a long time public attention shifted away from the barriers faced by disabled people and instead became an opportunity to celebrate achievements and come together over mutual aspirations.

The world was able to witness the incredible talents of Paralympic athletes as they pushed boundaries and helped to redefine preconceptions of what it means to have a disability. That’s why it’s so important not to allow the legacy that so many people worked so hard to create to fade away!

As it’s National Paralympic Day this Sunday 26 July, our centres have been limbering up to create their very own Paralympic inspired celebrations in homage of the fantastic display of sport and spectacle showcased throughout the Games. From Boccia tournaments to Water Dodgeball, a menu of champions and medal ceremonies, there is plenty of action across our centres that we’re sure will help to rekindle the spirit of the Paralympics for our guests!

What’s more, we remembered that we produced a video tribute to our amazing Paralympians back in 2012 that went down really well at the time. So to celebrate National Paralympic Day we’ve polished up and remixed the video for your enjoyment. You can watch it below. If you’re anything like me, it’ll make your eyes well up and your heart swell with pride.

Help us keep the Paralympic flame burning – it’s a race we really need to win!

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