Pauline “I have a new outlook on life” – 12 stories of Christmas

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15th December 2019

Meet Pauline Price 

Our third story of Christmas is from Pauline Price. Pauline cares for her elderly mother Lola, who had a stroke. Although Lola is verbally non-communicative, Pauline was thrilled to see her mother smiling and laughing at the prospect of a holiday with Revitalise.

We sat down with Pauline to discuss her caring duties and how Revitalise has changed her life; this is what she had to say. 

Outline what a day in your life looks like?

I’m an early riser! I usually wake up around 2.30am and then I start work at 4.15am. I work for British Airways and deal with lots of customers on a daily basis. I also manage ticketing and training as well. Once work is finished, around 1pm, I set off to go home and I’m usually back by 2pm. I make sure that my mum has a freshly made lunch when I get home and I usually take her out to the boardwalk if the weather is nice. By 5pm, the carers arrive to get my mum ready for bed. After they have gone, I help my mum with things like taking off her make-up, giving her tablets and any snacks. Although my mum cannot communicate verbally, it’s important for me to make conversation with her – she certainly understands everything perfectly well.   

How many breaks have you been on with your mum?

I have been on 6 breaks in total with my mum. I have been on one holiday to Netley Waterside House and five to Jubilee Lodge. I’m already looking forward to the next one! 

Do you feel that more needs to be done to help support carers in the UK in general?

Yes. Everyone needs to be more understanding about what it takes for carers to carry out their job. Restaurants and theatre spaces, more importantly, need to make their facilities better. More people need to be educated about disabilities – they often ignore people in wheelchairs and do not address them. 

How does your break benefit you both?

I have a new outlook on life as does my mum. Although she can’t relate in speech, visually she can and I can tell she really enjoys it. On our Revitalise breaks, Mum is accepted as she should be. It’s also lovely to see her relationship with other guests; it’s invaluable. After leaving Revitalise, we have more meaning in our lives and more strength. 

What three words would you use to describe the impact your break has on you and your mum?

Amazing. Happy. Fulfilling. 

If you didn’t take a holiday with Revitalise, where else would you go? Would you get an opportunity to take a break elsewhere?

There is nowhere else.


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