Revitalise500: Meet the winners!

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6th January 2021

It’s official, after much deliberation, our Revitalise500 writing competition winners are here! We know you’re going to love them.

But before we share the top three, we have to say all of your entries took us and our celebrity judges on an emotional rollercoaster. Some made us genuinely laugh out loud with their good humour, whilst others were credibly emotive, shining a light on the realities of lockdown.

Thankfully our lovely judges – BBC Radio 2 DJ, Mark Radcliffe, actress and presenter Samantha Renke, Endeavour actress, Carol Royle and Paralympic Gold Medalist, David Smith MBE – managed to agree on three stand-out entries. So, without further ado, here they are…


First Place

Sam Hinton: Funny, Yummy, Disabled Single Mummy (A lockdown lament)

Sam Hinton

Congratulations to Sam, who’s funny and oh so relatable poem about dating and disability had all four judges laughing and cheering her on in her quest to find love during lockdown. Written with wit, charm and a side of brutal honestly, our judges felt Sam’s poem was an eye-opening reflection on the everyday struggles disabled people faced this year.

We know Sam is incredibly excited for her 7-night Revitalise holiday and we can’t wait to welcome her for a fun-filled, and well-deserved break. Well done Sam!




Second Place

Lesley Goble: Lockdown Highs And Lows

Lesley Goble


Like many of us, our runner up Lesley began lockdown by making a list. She started with the practical – sorting out clothes and cupboards – but soon realised that the real wins in lockdown were much simpler. So, when lockdown 2.0 was announced, she made a new list, which finishes, ‘Keep loving one another’. If that’s not the stand-out message of 2020, we don’t know what is!





Third Place

Alex Pearl: The Coin In The Shed

Alex Pearl

By relaying the story of how he discovered a mysterious coin with a spectacular history, Alex made our judges think of the peculiarities and little pleasures that came with life in lockdown. His story is also a reminder that when we slow down and take time to look carefully, we can often find extraordinary in the ordinary. What a lovely thought!






Thank you once again to everyone who entered, and a big congratulations to our winners! You can read the entries in full here.

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