Revitalising Foodie Holidays

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18th August 2020
Foodie Holidays

With the ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme in full swing, our minds are firmly on food here at Revitalise HQ. Constantly discussing our dinners has also served as a reminder that we don’t shout about the delicious food on offer at our centres enough. With restaurant quality menus and top-notch service with a smile, we are so proud of what our catering staff do, so this blog is herby dedicated to them and the mouth-watering meals they serve for our guests every day.

Word of warning, if your fridge is looking a little bare you may want to look away now. Either that or let your rumbling stomach tell you it’s time to book your next Revitalise holiday

Fresh & Filling

Fresh food

All the food served in our restaurants is freshly prepared on site, by our team of expertly trained chefs. With a balance of mood-boosting fruit and vegetables, comforting carbs and top-quality meat and fish on offer, you’ll never go hungry at Revitalise.

Suitable For All

Prawn dish served on lettuce

If you have a specific dietary requirement (such as an intolerance or allergy) or if you simply choose to be vegetarian or vegan, just let us know. Our chefs are used to catering for a wide range of preferences and will make sure there’s plenty of delicious options for you. We can also offer full support for those who require it at mealtimes.

Beautifully Presented

Beautifully presented food

We know that eating out on holiday is about choosing restaurants that offer something a little more than you’d get at home or at your local chippy. That’s why our kitchen teams put their artistic-all into making sure your meals don’t just taste great but are beautifully presented too. Gordan Ramsay eat your heart out!

Oh So Indulgent

Indulgent pudding

If you can’t treat yourself on holiday, when can you hey? We think it’s all about balance when it comes to your diet and at Revitalise you’ll find our chefs specialise in creating puddings that taste as good as they are naughty.

Served With A Smile

Service With A Smile

Eating in a restaurant isn’t just about the food, it’s the whole experience. That’s why our army of enthusiastic volunteers support our trained catering staff to go the extra mile and ensure you always receive attentive service with a smile.

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