Shedding the labels of carer and cared for – 12 stories of Christmas

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18th December 2019

Meet Alison and Nigel

Our sixth story of Christmas is from our much-loved couple Alison & Nigel. 

Alison is 70 and is the full time carer of her husband Nigel who is 73.  Nigel has a very rare form of dementia called Cortico Basal Syndrome.  Whilst Nigel was being diagnosed with dementia, Alison was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Alison’s family live no where near them, leaving her totally accountable for Nigel, along with the house, finances and all other responsibilities.  

Our bespoke Treasured Moments weeks at Revitalise mean that all of Nigel’s needs are taken care of by our wonderful nursing staff and volunteers, and Alison has the chance to relax in the knowledge Nigel is safe.  They can enjoy a proper break together as husband and wife, shedding the labels of ‘carer’ and ‘cared for’.

Before they came on their break, Alison highlighted why it was so vital for them to come on holiday:

“It is like living with a bit of elastic attached to me as he worries if I am not around, so I have a baby alarm to keep in contact if I am upstairs. If I go in the garden I have to pop back every few minutes to check he is alright.

“A Revitalise break benefits Nigel as he is stimulated with the new company and entertainment.  I am able to have a week without thinking and take a break, as I know Nigel will be cared for and is safe, even if it is only for a walk around the garden or to the local shops.”

Coming on holiday with Revitalise mean that Alison and Nigel can take a much needed break together.  Alison, like so many of our guests, tells us that what makes their time with Revitalise so special is not just the professional care, but what happens between people while they are with us – relationships come alive. 

“The best thing about a Revitalise break is being with others on the same emotional and physical journey that we are on. Making new friends; learning from them; realising that I am not on my own and renewing friendships with staff and guests. There are so many hugs the first day and even more on the last day – magic.”

We are thrilled to provide our Treasured Moments weeks throughout the year and we love welcoming old and new guests to enjoy the benefits of our Revitalise break.  

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