The story behind Shakespeare’s Globe

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5th June 2019
Shakespeare's Globe

Boasting a grand old age of 400 years and paying homage to one of the greatest playwrights in the world, Shakespeare’s Globe is an open-air theatre perched on the south bank of the River Thames. But did you know there have been four reincarnations of the original theatre built in 1576?

James Burbage built the first playhouse in Shoreditch, but after a bust up with the landlord and with the threat of reposession looming, the theatre troupe decided to dismantle and rebuild in south bank. They successfully reopened as ‘The Globe’ in 1599 – presumably to cover their tracks! However, due to a precarious situation involving flames during a performance of Henry VIII, the theatre burnt down 14 years later.  

After being lovingly rebuilt for a third time, The Globe went on to entertain audiences for nearly 30 years until all theatres in England were ordered to shut down. It was demolished shortly after and it stayed that way until Sam Wanamaker campaigned to get The Globe rebuilt. After fighting his way to success, he reopened Shakespeare’s Globe in 1997 with a production of Henry VIII and thankfully no flames were in sight!

Excursions to Shakespeare’s Globe are available from Jubilee Lodge. Contact the team on 0303 303 0145 or email for more info.

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