Terry’s Jubilee Lodge journey – 12 stories of Christmas

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14th December 2019

Meet Terry Gray

For our second story of Christmas, we’re chatting to our General Manager from Jubilee Lodge. Some of you will already know him very well!

Terry joined Jubilee Lodge in 2003, when we were the Winged Fellowship Trust, having been introduced to the charity by his mother. Originally planning to spend a couple of days volunteering, he decided to stay for three weeks!

“My first experience of Revitalise back then was life changing. It opened my eyes and showed me the difference we can all make. After three weeks, I was hooked!”

Soon after, Terry applied for a position as a member of staff, starting as a Care Assistant, and eventually moving into the role of Assistant Manager.

After 9 years, Terry relocated to Lincolnshire, started a family and worked in hospitality. Following in the footsteps of Peggy Mitchell, he opened a local pub and spent two enjoyable years learning a new trade. 

But his heart had never really left Jubilee Lodge, and he returned home in 2014 to rejoin as General Manager. 

“For me, it’s all about the people. I see a regular guest and greet them like an old friend. Or when we welcome new guests who are so looking forward to their first break with us. By the end of the week, their expressions are different. Everyone has visibly relaxed, there are always lots of smiles.”

What you might not know about Terry is that he has a six year old daughter who lives in Germany, so he regularly travels there to visit. His own celebration of Christmas happens early during his next trip!

“I will be flying over with a suitcase full of presents and can’t wait for the excitement of our Christmas morning, when I’ll no doubt be playing with dolls and dinosaurs!”

We are proud to say that, like Terry, many of our staff have been with Revitalise for a number of years. If you see Terry during your next break, make sure you say hello!

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