That’s Amore

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24th February 2016
Guests getting engaged at Revitalise

Earlier this month we were super excited to debut our brand new video, the heartwarming motion picture of love and laughter that is ‘That’s Amore’ just in time for Valentine’s Day. In our latest blog, it’s the turn of Sarah here at Revitalise Towers to share a little more about her journey to Sandpipers to interview our stars of the small screen.

On 4 February it was time for me to board my train and travel to Revitalise Sandpipers in Southport, where I met a lovely couple who happened to find love while enjoying a short break with our charity. As we sat down after having broken the ice with a cup of tea and a chat, the pair took me back to the day they first met. Carl and Tracey were first introduced to each other during Queen Week – it was to the soundtrack of Freddie Mercury that the pair struck up a conversation and from that moment on became good friends.

Carl told me how he knew he loved Tracey from the moment he saw her, but being as she was in a relationship at the time, he had to be patient. Luckily his patience paid off and the couple are now happily engaged to be married. But, their story isn’t a simple, traditional love story and that’s precisely what makes it even more special.

Carl and Tracey live more than two hours apart. The only time they are able to physically see each other is while they are on holiday with us, four to five times a year. In between, their relationship is kept strong with daily conversations over the phone and by using Facetime to speak to one another. As I listened to Carl and Tracey telling me their story while holding hands and gazing adoringly at each other, I couldn’t help but feel truly inspired.

It made me realise that love really can conquer all challenges. Showing someone how much they mean to you doesn’t always need to be about grand gestures made on Valentine’s Day, it’s the little things each and every day that can make all the difference, just as the couple’s heartwarming story goes to show.

You can watch That’s Amore to your hearts content here. While you watch, why not send us a tweet @RevitaliseNow or find us on Facebook to tell us what you think!

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