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24th March 2016
Beautiful golden sunset with boat in distance

Our wonderful guest blogger Shirley has been busy writing for you all once again. In her latest post Shirley shares more about her life and the importance of appreciating the little things. Allow her to immerse you in her world.

Written by Shirley Salzedo.

I’ve had several reasons to celebrate recently – firstly it was my birthday earlier in March and secondly, I was finally given the all clear from my previously diagnosed cancer. I feel like a cloud has passed me by. With the arrival of this wonderful news, it got me thinking, there are so many aspects of life to be enjoyed, and you know what? Many won’t break the bank.

I have many passions in life, some I have already written about in previous blogs, including my love of music and the arts. For me, the simple things in life are what make it truly special – feeling the warmth of the summer sunshine as it melts on your face, watching the sun rise at the beginning of the day only to watch it slowly fade away again in the evening – before darkness descends and stars fill the night sky – seeing and hearing the sea, spending time in beautiful gardens surrounded by nature – I could go on and on about many of life’s simplest pleasures that bring me joy.

Most importantly I cherish my family and friends and the time that we spend together. It’s about the little things like going for meals and enjoying each other’s company. They are really important to me and I feel very rich, as I have some very good friends around me. To me, there is no greater gift than this. To love and to be loved is what connects us to one another and with every friendship comes the opportunity to share in the joy of others and create happiness.

Some of my life experiences are what inspired me to write this blog for you all today. I’ve come to learn that in life, we must enjoy ourselves as much as possible and to be content with what surrounds us. Until I write again my friends, all the best.

Stephanie Stone

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