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5th June 2015
picture of several celebrities

Our search for a brand new celebrity volunteer ambassador is still going strong and if you haven’t already voted, we need your help!

Back in April we launched a new and exciting poll to find a famous face who once chosen by you, will champion the fantastic array of volunteering opportunities we have to offer and of course to support you, our incredible army of volunteers.

We’re proud to have already welcomed the iconic Dame Judi Dench and our resident funny man and television personality Arthur Smith as Vice Presidents for our charity and now we’re on the look-out to find a high-profile volunteer ambassador to complete the set.

The question is, who do you want to see become the public face of Revitalise volunteering? Whoever you choose, this is your chance to help us select the ideal celebrities to represent you, our amazing Revitalise volunteers, in the media. Even if you aren’t currently an active volunteer with us, but you have given your time to us in the past, you can still participate!

To have your say and help propel your fave celeb to the top of our poll, all you have to do is fill in our super quick survey.  There’s even the chance for you to suggest your own nominations, so what are you waiting for? Tell us who you’d like to see crowned winner today!

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  • kathleen bamping says:

    Id like to nominate JUDGE RINDER and let the guests and staff and volunteers put him in Sandpipers very own courtroom where he will take the stand and the guests with the staff and volleys will make up the jury and decide on a verdict as to whether or mot he would make a great volunteer!
    we would give him a fair trial providing he dont tell any porkies! He will not interupt!
    we will want all paperwork after all its his stipulation paper!!
    we will use the words ‘TALKING’ and STUPID!! Grin just as he does on the show!!
    we will either award him or not award him in his favour!! Grin
    We will give him a taste of his own medicine! Grin
    YES it has to be Judge Rinder for me!

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