Urgent COVID-19 Appeal

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19th May 2020

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Please help more people like Liz and Christine during this crisis. Your kindness has never been more important.

We are proud to let you know that thanks to the generous donations from supporters like you, we’re continuing our vital work during this pandemic by providing essential care support and a safe environment, for any disabled person who would be safer at Revitalise than they are at home.  However, our work is not done, and we still need your help to reach more.

Your life-changing donations are urgently needed. Disabled people and carers’ access to healthcare and social support is now more important than ever. This access is currently under pressure, and many are increasingly uncertain about their health, financial means, and mental wellbeing.

Whilst some people are managing under their current care plan, many have turned to Revitalise to care for their loved ones during this uncertain time.

We’d love to share a story of two guests who are currently isolating safely at Revitalise Sandpipers, thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

When Sid and his wife Sheila’s first daughter Elizabeth was born with microcephaly, they were told she wasn’t going to live. The condition meant her skull was too small, so her brain wasn’t able to develop. It wasn’t easy, but they stuck together as a family, and amazingly young Elizabeth came through.

The doctors told us there was a million to one chance that we’d have another child with a disability, but we did. Our youngest Christine had the same thing.

The couple never looked back, giving their daughters all the love, care and support they need.

They love music and laughing, they are just sisters.

Sadly, since Sid’s wife Sheila died last year, he has been looking after them on his own.

I’m 75 and I look after my daughters myself, the best I can. I just have to get on with it.

Sid got in touch with Revitalise, as like many people who care for their loved ones, he was worried what might happen to them if he got ill. He could not afford for his daughters to be cared for anywhere else.

Christine and Liz have been able to go to Sandpipers, our centre in Southport, and are now safely being looked after by our dedicated team of healthcare staff.

I can’t fault Revitalise…they have the best care. We would never be able to afford for them to go there now, no way.

This would never have been possible without the kind donations we have received.

While we continue to provide disabled people with essential care and a safe environment to isolate in, our dedicated front-line staff have also been busy supporting the NHS. Two of our centres, Netley Waterside House and Jubilee Lodge are taking in non-COVID-19 patients. This allows for more beds in local hospitals for those with the virus and more staff there to care for them, taking a bit of the pressure off the NHS.

If you want to help our staff give vital support to the NHS, and disabled people and carers, please donate here.

We hope you and your family are staying safe.

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