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9th February 2017
Black and white vintage audience wearing VR headset

Technology is always breaking new ground and the increasing prevalence of Virtual Reality (VR) is signalling a whole new and incredibly exciting world of possibility.

No longer is there the need to physically be somewhere in order to experience it, as Virtual Reality presents the possibility to be transported to a new realm of exciting places and immersive experiences from the comfort of our own homes.

But perhaps you’re wondering exactly when and how it all began. Interestingly, although the emergence of Virtual Reality Technology seems to have been established fairly recently, the concept of creating immersive experiences can be traced back to as early as the 1950s and 60s, well before the development of digital technology.

The first type of multimedia device took the form of an interactive theatre experience, devised by Morton Heilig, known as the ‘Sensorama’. This immersive experience was brought to life with the use of an enclosed booth that displayed stereoscopic images, fans, audio speakers and devices that emitted fragrances. The spectator would then sit in a rotating chair and experience a fully immersive, sensory experience. Although the idea was first invented by Heilig in 1957, it was not patented until 1962!

55 years on from this momentous creation, we were delighted to unveil our brand new Virtual Reality tour of Revitalise Jubilee Lodge last week, giving you the opportunity to take a closer look around than ever before.

Have you wondered what it would be like to stroll through our doors and be greeted with a warm welcome at our reception? Or to sit in our Courtyard whiling away the hours surrounded by peace and tranquillity? Well now you can. There’s even the chance to have a snoop around one of our guest bedrooms with en-suite wet room facilities!

Thanks to the help of some very willing guests, volunteers and staff it is now possible for you to join us and to see for yourself what our centre nestled in the heart of Essex is like, and we’re so excited to know what you make of it.

If you’ve never experienced Virtual Reality before, then what better time to give it a go than now (it’s not as complicated as it sounds, we promise!). Follow any of these three simple steps and hey-presto, your next destination for a whistle-stop tour will be Jubilee Lodge.

  1. For the full immersive experience we recommend that you use a VR headset. If you or someone you know already has a VR headset then you’re good to go! Simply insert your smartphone, put on the headset and you’re all set to start exploring Jubilee Lodge as if you were with us for real.


  1. You can also view our video without a VR headset too – If you have a smartphone simply open our VR tour and move your phone around in whatever direction you would like to view our centre.


  1. You can even view the tour on your computer – simply use the cursor to navigate your way around our centre in all of its 360 glory.


Now that you’ve taken our tour, we’d love to know what you make of it – tell us your thoughts in this super quick feedback form. And the conversation doesn’t have to end there – as always we’d love you to leave a comment below, or share your feelings with us and others on either of our social media channels!

Until next time friends, we hope you’ve enjoyed your journey into the virtual world with us!


Stephanie Stone

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