My visit to Revitalise Jubilee Lodge

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27th November 2018
Revitalise volunteer and guest

In the spirit of giving and #nationaldayofgiving we at Brosch Direct are going to donate £5 for every purchase made on our website  on 27 November 2018 (National Day of Giving) to the Revitalise charity.

It’s not often that you get to take time out from a busy week to appreciate the great work that so many inspiring people are doing.  Driving down a leafy lane in Chigwell, I had a sense of wonder as we pulled up to Jubilee Lodge (a lodge that provides respite holidays for disabled people and their carers). 

On arrival I was met by Andy Simons, Director of Marketing and Fundraising and Karolina Mazur, Events Manager at Revitalise- the charity that manages Jubilee Lodge.  I was given a wonderful tour around the purpose-built building by Jono the Deputy Manager, a young man clearly passionate about the work he and his team do.  He started as a volunteer at the centre at the age of 17 and years later, after a short break away is still there as a full-time employee.  This story is repeated by several of the staff, a testament to the fact that Jubilee Lodge creeps its way into your heart. 

From the moment I entered the reception area to the time I left I was met with an overwhelming sense of warmth, passion and pride from the staff.  This warmth and genuine care make the lodge a relaxing environment and a home from home.  Once you arrive, I get the impression that the stress and hardship of living with a disability and caring for someone with a disability can be left at the door.  Holidays here are full on with every need catered for, “it’s the small things that we do”, Jono mentioned on a few occasions.  Those small things; 24hr nurse, specialised support equipment and personalised menus (and many more) often make the biggest impact and can’t be done easily at home, the staff are only too happy to provide this here. 

The tremendous facilities they offer are vast, the list of entertainment and fun excursions is top notch, including themed events, theatre shows, karaoke and even appearances by Britain’s Got Talent’s “Lost Voice Guy”.  You can understand why many guests return time and time again.  Jubilee Lodge doesn’t just offer respite holidays for disabled people and their carers, it offers freedom and dignity and an opportunity to create happy memories for all who visit, volunteer and work there.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and left the lodge feeling inspired and grateful.  This is a place that means so many things to so many people.  As the season of giving approaches it is easy to get lost in the gift-buying frenzy, but this humbling experience has made me stop and reflect, and ask myself “how I/we can help support this fantastic charity?”

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause or perhaps you would like to volunteer, please follow the relevant link :

If you would like more information on Revitalise and where their lodges are located, please click here

Written by Nicole Blignaut, Head of Customer Engagement at Brosch Direct.

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