Viva Aviva!

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22nd May 2015
Drivers in front of Revitalise minibuses

Sometimes the big corporations get an undeserved bad rap from charities and the media, but, as in all walks of life, there is good as well as bad.

We have a steady stream of willing volunteers from our corporate partners through our centres’ doors all the time and we have nothing but praise for their eagerness and hard work. What’s more, the money donated to us by big companies is a vital part of our income stream and helps us keep on doing what we do so well.

Well I’ve just heard about our good friends Aviva (the insurance people) who could end up giving us a whopping £18,000 towards the purchase of new minibus for Jubilee Lodge.

Yes, you heard me, £18,000! But, as we all know, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and we need your help to secure the readies. We’re up against a bunch of other good causes for the cash and the money will go to whoever generates the most votes on Aviva’s website.

So, chums. All you have to do is vote, vote and vote again and by golly we will prevail! It’s very simple – all you need to do is register! Once you’ve registered, you’ll then be given a total of 10 votes, all of which can be used on our project. In fact (and strictly entre nous) you can register with all your personal and work emails and get even more votes!

So please help, my friends, and vote our guests happy! You have until 30 May to get your votes in.



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  • david farrell says:

    when I was at vitalise a few years ago the volunteers were fantastic an organization like yours can’t run without them I loved it had a great time I still have the photos I took in my camera I don’t think I could go again health reasons it was fun while it lasted.

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