Our Volunteers’ Week round up!

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7th June 2019
Volunteers from Prince's Trust

We have loved sharing all of our amazing stories of our Prince’s Trust volunteers this week – but a week is just not long enough to celebrate and thank them! Volunteers’ Week has highlighted just how proud we are of the long-standing relationship that we have with The Prince’s Trust,  and we hope to continue this relationship and provide many more volunteers with the same invaluable experience that this team had. 

The Northampton and North Prince’s Trust Group Team 60, arrived at Jubilee Lodge on Sunday 7th April to complete a week-long residential placement as a part of their longer 12-week programme. The group was led by team leader Paul Hamblin and was made up of 15 volunteers who all said what an amazing time they’d had! The personal development programme with The Prince’s Trust gave them the confidence and skills to be able to take on this week and many of them didn’t want to leave. 

Here are our volunteer stories for you in case you missed them this week! 


Prince’s Trust volunteer Sian struggled to find her path in life and wasn’t interested in going to college or 6th Form. After attending the drop-in session for the Prince’s Trust, she kept coming back and is so glad she did. Getting the opportunity to volunteer at Revitalise has truly helped Sian discover a passion for caring.

“I can’t describe what it’s like volunteering at Revitalise. It has made me want to pursue a career in caring for others. I think everyone should volunteer here to see the world differently.”


Charlie was in a coma for six days in May last year following a serious accident which left him with a brain injury. After some deliberation, Charlie felt ready in himself to complete the personal development programme with the Prince’s Trust. Although he isn’t ready to go into full-time work just yet, Charlie is going to carry on volunteering with the hope of helping others with brain injuries.

“It’s hard to explain my time at Revitalise but it’s been so good to see a development in myself. Volunteering here is just like second nature now and I feel relaxed doing it.”

Lanaya found the 12-week opportunity to volunteer with the Prince’s Trust through prospects after dropping out of college, and would have never considered volunteering at Revitalise before. She was lost for words when asked to sum-up what her week at Jubilee Lodge meant to her.
“I’m so happy being here, it’s hard to describe. When I sing and see the guests enjoying it, that’s what I love.”
River found it hard to find the words to explain what volunteering at Revitalise meant to him, and spoke very passionately about his week at Jubilee Lodge! We appreciate the work that volunteers like River take on when they’re at our holiday centres, and are delighted to see them gain so much out of their experience too. He was extremely thankful for his experience but this week is all about thanking our volunteers, because without them we couldn’t do what we do!
“If you’re worried about volunteering just do it. It’s amazing. I have gained so much out of this experience and I just can’t explain it here; it’s just a feeling you get.”
Not going to College was an easy decision for Shani to make after being bullied throughout school. After applying to a number of part-time jobs, she didn’t hear back and began to lose hope in making a career for herself. Shani ignored letters sent to her from the Prince’s Trust until a third letter arrived which she responded to; and she’s so glad she did. Shani’s volunteer experience has given her the confidence to take on new challenges and go out of her comfort zone!
“Volunteering at Revitalise has changed my life. I was bullied at school and this is the best thing I’ve done for myself since. Being at Revitalise helps you to see past the disbability.”

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