What a difference a year makes – 12 stories of Christmas

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17th December 2019
Volunteer from Prince's Trust

Meet Charlie Keane

Our fifth story of Christmas is from Charlie, a second time volunteer that was introduced to Revitalise by Paul Hamblin, the leader of the Northampton and North Princes Trust Group, earlier this year.

You may remember Charlie from our Volunteers Week round up back in June, and we were delighted to catch up with him again in November to see what he’s been up to since then! To recap, Charlie began the 12 week development programme with the Prince’s Trust in February this year, spending his 10th week volunteering with us at Jubilee Lodge. Charlie felt that volunteering was the perfect place to start in getting himself back on track, following a serious accident in May 2018 where he fell off the roof of his house. Charlie was in a coma for 6 days suffering some brain damage. Despite doctors advising him that he wasn’t 100% ready – Charlie felt ready in himself and wanted to complete the personal development programme with The Prince’s Trust. 

When speaking with Charlie in April he said:

“It’s hard to explain my time at Revitalise, but it’s been so good to see a development in myself. Volunteering here is just like second nature now and I feel relaxed doing it.”

Returning in November, Charlie was asked back to Jubilee Lodge to accompany another group of Prince’s Trust volunteers during their 10th volunteer week. Paul asks a couple of volunteers that have already completed a week at Revitalise, to join him when new groups volunteer at the centre. This is to help with their induction so that they feel more at ease in the new environment. It was great to see Charlie again and talk to him to see what he’s been doing since he took part in the programme and what positive changes have happened in his life since then.

Charlie has been incredibly busy since his first volunteering placement with Revitalise, including more voluntary work at the Northamptonshire Country Centre (another organisation he volunteered at during the 12-week development programme), before landing himself a part-time job at the Oakleaf Centre in Hartwell! The Oakleaf Group deliver neurorehabilitation to men, and have done so for over 15 years. Charlie’s role is a Rehab Support Worker, and his main role is to help men with their recovery from brain injuries and neurological conditions.


Everyone at Revitalise is thrilled to see that Charlie is pursuing a career at The Oakleaf Group after expressing an interest back in April, to help others who have experienced similar life threatening conditions. Please join us in congratulating Charlie for his accomplishments in 2019!

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