Each year we provide a number of weeks specifically for people with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, and their partners or carers.

Because our Alzheimer’s trained care staff are on hand at all times to support you and your loved ones, you have the space to reconnect as loved ones and become husband and wife, father and daughter once more.

Our hope is that you gather the confidence to hand over all your care worries to us, freeing your focus on reconnecting with your loved one.

Our attention is lavished every bit as much on the carer as on the cared for. On every Alzheimer’s Week, carers have the option to a special evening out. You will have the unique opportunity to relax in the company of fellow carers and completely switch off from your caring role, secure in the knowledge that your partner is happy and well looked after.

Our aim is very simple – to give you quality time with the one you love.

Revitalise subsidises the cost of all our Alzheimer’s breaks so we are able to offer guests reduced prices.

You can find the dates of all upcoming Alzheimer’s Breaks listed in the Find a break – Specialised Care section.

View our 2019 Alzheimer’s brochure for more information.

Some of the carers who accompanied their loved ones on our Alzheimer’s Week said:

 “We carers all agreed, very early in the week, that we could see a great change in our loved ones and were pleased we had taken the opportunity to come to Vitalise. They were getting so much stimulus that many do not get at home, and it was so beneficial for them all.”

 “The biggest challenge in caring for my Dad is simply that it’s 24/7. I feel isolated from a ‘normal’ life, as all my time and energy goes into caring for him.

 Carers never get enough support. I cared for Dad for a year with no support at all. Regular breaks are really important. Just being able to relax, knowing Dad is safe and happy, really makes a difference. The more he relaxes the more I relax. On difficult days it gives me something to look forward to.

 I really feel I wouldn’t cope at all now without our breaks. At Vitalise I get to be his daughter again, instead of his carer – it’s a wonderful feeling.”

 “All the staff and volunteers were wonderful – friendly, kind and supportive. The trips were well organised and we enjoyed having a say as to where each trip should be. The entertainment provided was good too – we particularly enjoyed the quiz night, and my husband, disabled and suffering from Alzheimer’s too, was moved to get up and dance with me on party night! A miracle!”

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