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Imagine if you started to feel increasingly isolated at precisely the time you most need friendly faces around you? This is the reality facing a growing number of disabled people, who need care and companionship but are also very worried about becoming a burden on those they love.

Lesley Mathews holding a picture of her daughter

Revitalise guest Lesley Mathews lives alone. Her only immediate family is her daughter, Chelsea, who is studying to be a teacher. Lesley talks about how she wants Chelsea to make the very most of her life, even though it might mean sacrificing some of her own needs – and how Revitalise helps her cope:

“I want her to have her own life, a good life”


“Chelsea is so important to me. It’s just me and her now. I was an only child and both my parents have passed away. I try really hard not to burden her with my problems – I want her to have her own life, a good life. If she’s happy, I’m happy. Chelsea visits me when she can but she knows I want her to focus on her career. I’m so proud of her.

“There’s no denying I do feel isolated”

“I lost my left leg in 2007, due to complications after an operation. Since becoming a wheelchair user I realise that there are so many things I can’t do any more, so many things I miss. There’s no denying I do feel isolated and without the chance to get away from time to time I think I’d get very bored and probably very lonely too.

“It’s so nice to meet up with friends”

“I first heard about Revitalise back in 2011. I like to go to Netley. When I look out over Southampton Water it reminds me of when I used to go sailing with my dad – such happy times…

“I’m booked into Netley in December and intend to do all my Christmas shopping when I’m there! But it’s the social aspect that’s most important to me, the chance to meet up with old friends. At home all we can do is speak on the phone – it’s not the same.”

Loneliness at Christmas

Lesley isn’t too proud to admit that sometimes her feelings of isolation get her down and, as Christmas approaches, those feelings may be more acute than at any other time of year.

Thanks to some top-up money from the Revitalise Support Fund, Lesley will be visiting Revitalise again in December, but all too often financial hardship prevents disabled people and carers from taking up respite opportunities.

That’s why the funds raised by this appeal will go into the Revitalise Support Fund, which helps people in need of financial assistance – people like Lesley. So please give what you can – and help us give the gift of friendship this Christmas.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful Festive Season,

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Chris Simmonds, Chief Executive

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