Give the gift of connection

Thank you for your generous support over the Christmas period, the response to our appeal has been incredible so far. As we look ahead to a new year of possibilities your continued support makes certain that vital respite breaks are possible.  Donate today and support disabled people and carers for years to come.

This time of year is for giving and sharing with those around us, but that sharing is not limited to the people we love and care for. It’s also for the people we have never met. The people we may never see. For disabled people and carers, hitting the refresh button as we all welcome in the new year is simply not enough. A break away from caring responsibilities and routine can strengthen connections and reduce feelings of isolation.

1 in 4 people with a disability feels lonely every day*

“I’d be so isolated without Revitalise.”  — Toni, Guest at Sandpipers

Revitalise welcomes disabled people and carers 52 weeks a year. Our dedicated team creates a family, a place where those who come to us are no longer ‘cared for and carer’ but ‘husband and wife’ or ‘old friend and new friend’.

Your gift would help disabled people and carers feel connected.

*research conducted by Sense


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Our Gift List shows what your support could help deliver:


Revitalise appeal gift list table

*1 hour of expert care support
**floatation aids to assist guests in the pool
*** we give up to 80% subsidised breaks to those who need it most. The average amount subsidised for a 1-week break is £550 per guest.


Your generous gift will help people like Toni:

Toni was diagnosed with Autism as a child, a condition that made forming and maintaining friendships more challenging, so she relied on her close family relationships for connection and to ease her frustration.

Finding out she had Diabetes in her early 20’s, was very stressful for Toni as managing the disease with daily insulin injections, teamed with her Autism, proved to be exhausting.

Revitalise Christmas Appeal guest Toni Hill holding Christmas wreath


“I felt like my brain was always behind and trying to catch up.”

Luckily, she had support. Living with her mum throughout her adult life and having her sister close by, meant she had loved ones to champion her independence.

Sadly, Toni’s mum passed away last year. Although her sister moved in with her, as a keyworker who was scheduled to work during the holiday season, Toni faced spending much of her first Christmas without her Mum, alone. Already struggling to cope with her grief and feelings of debilitating anxiety she reached out to us.

“Christmas at Sandpipers was Magical”

Toni came to Revitalise Sandpipers where our incredible team improved her confidence through a relaxed and welcoming environment. Activities like crafting and carolling helped her cope with her mum passing away and gave her a sense of belonging.

“This time of year makes you think of family, and the first Christmas without mum would have been too hard to do by myself.”


Gift a break HERE this New Year.