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Revitalise guest Stephen having a laugh

Stephen’s story

Stephen turned 50 in April. He has Cerebral Palsy and has had thirteen breaks with us since 2009. He is cared for by his aunt who is 55 and an unpaid carer – she is not able to get funding from the local authority as she doesn’t live with him.

When her sister died, Stephen’s auntie continued to care and support him. She works as Stephen’s carer every day from 5:30 am to 8:00 pm. Due to the level of support Stephen requires, there should also be another carer supporting her during this time. She gets no respite, not even a day off.  She also works in a cafe a few days a week to top up to make ends meet and pay her mortgage.

Stephen’s carer, his auntie, feels let down by local authorities. 

She feels ignored and let down by everyone – almost invisible, and she has previously asked for support from her MP. She just wants to be heard!

Stephen’s auntie promised her dying sister that she would always make sure he was OK and her life has been on hold ever since. She has got no one to go to, no other person to fight for him. She has her own family who have been impacted by her caring responsibilities, her thirteen-year-old grandson lives with her as well.

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Learn more about the Give me a break Appeal

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The Give me a break Appeal

This campaign aims to raise both regional and national awareness of the severe challenges facing disabled people and carers and calls for more to be done to provide respite funding.

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Why support Give me a Break

Funding for respite break needs to be protected. Without something to look forward to, more caring relationships will break down. This isn’t just a holiday. It’s a lifeline.

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We’re celebrating our 60th anniversary with the launch of a new capital appeal to renew and expand our centres so more disabled people and carers can take a place.

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